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About Us

One of the major needs of people in the diaspora is being able to take care of family back home by providing food and funds. This process could be tedious as a result of so many bottle necks. This is why we at Folks Food Mart, we have created an online platform to meet all your needs. We take away the stress of shopping and buying of bulk foodstuff and beverage as well as transferring money all with the use of a credit card and other means of online payment. As a way of promoting ease for you and your family at home, we also deliver the purchased food stuff at your contact’s doorstep.

Added to our services is the “Cash envelope” feature which enables you to send money home to your family, alongside the grocery basket, alongside with the use of credit card and our available means of online payment.

We partner with the best names in food production to ensure that we bring a smile to your family’s face. For foods with short shelf life, we have various structures in place to ensure that food hygiene and proper packaging are upheld. Also, we have been able to secure various business licence from all Nigerian government agencies for certification.

 Our Vision

To be Nigeria’s foremost successful and recognized food mart strengthening the bond between Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

* Access 100 % authentic food stuff from real food brands and certified food processing and storage system.

* Ease of sending cash to Folks at home.

*Variety of food baskets to choose from at several prices.

*Reliable customer care to ensure that your package is delivered safely to your family at home.

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